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Red Hat Moves to Open Source Polymita, Integrate Fuse

red hatFrom the 'Aquire, then Open' files:

Red Hat today revealed its plans for integrating a pair of recent acquisitions into its JBoss portfolio. FuseSource and Polymita were both acquired by Red Hat in recent months and now we're finally finding out what the plans are for those two companies.

The TLDR version of the press conference is that Red Hat is planning on integrating both companies into broader JBoss branded efforts. FuseSource will land alongside JBoss SOA, while the Polymita tech will integrate with JBoss BRMS (Business Rules Management System).

So no, no surprises on that press call. Well actually there was one.

I didn't realize that the Polymita tech was closed source (FuseSource leverage Apache Camel, so no trouble there).

In true Red Hat fashion, the company pledge to open source the technology. It's a promise that Red Hat has made time and time again over the last decade. I remember well when Red Hat acquired the Netscape Certificate Server tech, which was later open sourced. More recently, Red Hat has open sourced the former Qumranet virtualization tech (in RHEV).

It is admirable how now matter what, Red Hat's open source core remains the core.

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