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Who Wrote OpenStack Grizzly?

OpenStack - RoundedFrom the 'Red Hat Linux Rulez' files:

The open source OpenStack Grizzly cloud platform release debuted the first week of April benefiting from over 480 contributors making over 7,600 updates.

While the base of contribution is broad, one vendor stands at the top of the list, in terms of number of code commits made. While the initial releases of OpenStack were dominated by code commits from Rackspace and Nebula, for Grizzly, Red Hat now leads the list.

Red Hat made 836 commits across core OpenStack projects and 1,854 commits across all OpenStack projects. Red Hat developers added 121,632 lines code and remove 87,145 lines of code.

Rackspace comes in second with 944 commits across all OpenStack projects, though Rackspace has added and deleted more lines of code. 183,484 lines were added and 156,066 lines were removed.

The top individual contributor by code commits was Red Hat's Mark McLoughlin who made 265 commits to Grizzly. McLoughlin also leads the list for closed tickets at 164 and is second only to OpenStack release manager Thierry Carrez (280 messages) for messages sent on the mailing lists (259).

Red Hat wasn't the first to jump on the OpenStack bandwagon, but they sure are making up for lost time real fast. While the number of commits or even lines added/removed is a very 'blunt' instrument for trying to measure participation it still has its merits.

For example, according to at least one source, I've written more about OpenStack than anyone else - does that make me the 'best' or even the most knowledgable? Not necessarily, but it sure doesn't hurt.

Volume alone isn't the arbiter of quality, but it is something that we can measure.

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