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What About Streaming Media Consumption?

While the Seattle area definitely takes a lead in streaming media technology and broadcasting, it doesn't rank that high in consumption.

It is Miami that leads the nation in demand for online streaming media, according to the latest poll from Nielsen Media Research and NetRatings, Inc.

The ratings service said the Miami market ranked No. 1 with 43 percent, or 506,000 Web surfers, accessing streaming media content from home during December, the most recent month for which there are statistics. Seattle came in at No. 14.

"Miami has a vibrant cultural market with a growing online Hispanic population," said T.S. Kelly, NetRatings' director of Internet media strategies." "The Hispanic community looks to national and international streaming media to find news, entertainment and other content that traditional outlets do not offer."

Cincinnati and Houston ranked second and third, respectively, in the Nielsen/NetRatings poll released today. Cincinnati, with a 41 percent ranking, or 327,399 Web surfers, followed closely behind Miami, while Houston with a 38 percent ranking, or 670,745 Web surfers.

The ranking was based on the percentage of streaming media users versus the total unique audience for the month.

Streaming Media Usage
in Top 20 Local Markets

Ranked by Percentage Reached At Home in Dec. 2000
City % Reach Unique Audience Total Audience
Miami 43.1 506,320 1,174,323
Cincinnati 41.0 327,399 797,671
Houston 38.0 670,745 1,763,703
Pittsburgh 37.9 388,963 1,027,125
Hartford 37.7 369,090 978,397
New York 37.4 2,621,050 7,004,615
San Diego 37.4 460,181 1,231,612
Los Angeles 36.9 1,912,679 5,181,405
Seattle 36.6 738,582 2,019,500
Source: Nielsen/NetRatings

Nielsen, better known for their ubiquitous set-top boxes that record television viewership, and NetRatings, (NASDAQ:NTRT), collect real-time data from more than 62,000 at-home users and 8,000 at-work users in the U.S.

According to the poll, the streaming media audience in December 2000 totaled 34.6 million people or 35 percent of the total active Internet population.

In terms of shear volume, streaming media usage in New York and Los Angeles tallied the highest number of people accessing some form of rich media content. The New York market had 2.6 million at-home users accessing streaming media content, accounting for 37.4 percent of New York's Web surfers. The streaming media audience in Los Angeles totaled 1.9 million individuals or 36.9 percent of the city's Internet users.