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Macromedia Unleashes New Strategy, Merges with Andromedia

Macromedia said Thursday it has agreed to merge with e-marketing software giant Andromedia to aid its new e-Business Infrastructure strategy.

The deal highlighted a busy day for Macromedia (MACR) at Fall Internet World '99, where the Net powerhouse also formed an alliance with USWeb/CKS and unveiled an e-Business Infrastructure plan, which was endorsed by BroadVision.

Macromedia's merger with Andromedia closes the industry's first complete circle e-marketing solution that combines customization and analysis with Macromedia's Web publishing applications.

The deal allows Macromedia to offer its new integrated package for content creation and management of corporate Internet/intranet and extranet sites. Businesses will benefit because they will be able to reduce time to deployment, report customer preferences and predict anticipated buying trends -- all in real-time.

Andromedia's CEO, Kent Godfrey, plans to join the senior management team at Macromedia where he will helm the new e-business plan.

"Andromedia and Macromedia's products already complement one another and are used jointly by many of our customers," said Godfrey.

"Businesses are tired of having to knit together a hodgepodge of point solutions from multiple vendors in order to create the dynamic, interactive and personally relevant Web sites required to market their products effectively in today's competitive e-commerce environment."

Macromedia did not rest after the merger. After rolling out its new e-business strategy, it formed a strategic alliance with professional Net services leader USWeb/CKS (USWB) to help simplify the management and production of the strategy's dynamic content. USWeb/CKS will then benefit by offering the new integrated solution to its clients.

"By extending its mission to facilitate the effective design and delivery of content for the Internet, Macromedia's e-business infrastructure strategy is addressing the most challenging issues facing our clients today," said Robert Shaw, CEO, USWeb/CKS."

The alliance should result in future pros, where Macromedia and USWeb/CKS will collaborate on the development of e-business solutions to make dynamic content management easier and more efficient. Macromedia will offer sales, marketing and training support to USWeb/CKS.

Macromedia's wheeling and dealing wasn't finished as it enlisted the aid of BroadVision (BFSN). BroadVision agreed to make the BroadVision One-To-One application suite the first integration platform for Macromedia's e-business strategy.

This will enable businesses to easily build, deploy and maintain large scale, content-rich and personalized sites.

"The combination of BroadVision's e-business applications with Macromedia's e-Business Infrastructure represents a major step forward for anyone involved in the production of advanced Web sites today," said Rob Burgess, chairman and CEO of Macromedia, Inc.