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RealNetworks Hits 52-Week High

RealNetworks hit a 52-week high Wednesday, climbing 3.4 percent during the day to close at $9.94. Overall, technology stocks were mixed as rising interest rates slowed the market.

The Seattle-based RealNetworks' stock price was bolstered earlier this week when Cable Television Laboratories announced it has approved Real's Helix digital rights management (DRM) technology, which allows consumers to move high definition content from cable boxes to computers and other devices.

On a day of few gains for the tech sector, other standouts included chip maker Advanced Micro Devices , which jumped 3.1 percent to close at $35.42 a share, and digital video recording device maker TiVo , which jumped 8.1 percent to close at $8.12 a share.

After the market close, AMD announced earnings of 38 cents a share, exceeding analysts' expectations of 30 cents a share.

TiVo's shares climbed after it signed a new three-year deal with DirecTV . The companies also announced they agreed to not to engage in patent rights' claims against each other.

Among other tech stocks, Google was down slightly at $408.95, as was Yahoo at $31.50. Amazon edged higher to close at $36.13 and eBay gained 15 cents a share to finish off at $38.47.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed strongly at 11129.97, jumping 40.34 points over its opening. The NASDAQ was up slightly, rising 4.33 points to close at 2314.68.