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Slight Rise in IT Salaries Gives Hope

It's been a rough few years, with raises as scarce as jobs. Finally, though, there's a glimmer of light in the darkness. A report shows that IT workers are starting to get a little more money than they have in the past. How much? Datamation knows.

IT salaries appear to be on the rise, but don't get too excited. According to the just-released Computer Economics 2010 IT Salary Report, IT organizations are budgeting to give the typical IT worker a 1.8 percent pay boost.

The glimmer of good news for IT workers comes at a time of high, double-digit unemployment rates across the economy.

But Computer Economics found that IT organizations plan to increase operational budgets by a median of 1.8 percent in 2010, and that more than a third are planning to increase staff, restoring some of the positions shed over the past two years.

"Over the last year or so it's been easy to find talent and there's been downward pressure on salaries," John Longwell, vice president of research at Computer Economics, told InternetNews.com.

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Slight Increase in IT Salaries a Ray of Hope