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Tech Salaries Up With Bay Area, Seattle Leading

Good news! More evidence emerges that salaries for IT jobs are ticking their way back up, according to new data from tech employment tracker Glassdoor, which looked at where the highest-paying jobs are located who some of the highest-paying companies are, too.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the San Francisco Bay and Seattle areas remain the highest-paying regions for IT jobs, with tech powerhouses like Google, Amazon and Microsoft leading the way. Datamation has the story.

Seattle area high-tech firms typically pay less than those in the San Francisco Bay area, although the cost of living is lower in the rainy city. However, both are still out front of tech pay in the rest of the nation.

That's the bottom line according to a new report published by tech employment tracker Glassdoor.

Overall, tech salaries have begun to grow again, if slowly, after two years of declines and stagnation.

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