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HP Looks to Extend Blade Dominance

Hewlett-Packard's been on a spending spree of late, picking up network-equipment maker 3Com and smartphone maker Palm in the past year to augment its total-systems strategy to deliver hardware, software, printing, services and PCs to mobile networks and unified communications.

Central to this theme of consolidation and integration is giving IT administrators the most powerful, efficient and easy-to-configure servers required to support any data center whether it's in the cloud on premise.

HP thinks it has the server angle down pat thanks to its strong leadership position in the increasingly popular blade server category. As Server Watch reports, blade servers provide a triple win for enterprise customers looking to reduce overall data center size, speed and easy the process of configuring and monitoring their enormous number of servers they use and simplify the process of virtualizing application and data loads on the fly.

By giving corporations greater command and control of these converged networks and equipment, HP thinks it will be well positioned to give IBM, Microsoft and Oracle plenty of competition at a time when companies are finally opening up their pocketbooks.

SAN FRANCISCO -- As one of the first firms to embrace bladed computer designs, Hewlett-Packard is now enjoying the benefits of being an early proponent. It commands almost half of the market share for blades, a fast-growing sector in an otherwise struggling server market.

Blades are growing market and an important part of the triumvirate of unified computing, which combines compute, server and storage technology into one tightly integrated system.

With a new networking group being built around previous HP offerings and the newly-acquired 3Com, HP plans to beef up its network offerings in its converged systems.

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