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A Look Inside the New iPhone 4

Enterprise Mobile Today's second report from the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference takes a look inside the new iPhone 4 at eight notable features of the new smartphone, courtesy of a deep dive by Apple's CEO Steve Jobs, plus "one more thing," which turned out to be the biggest feature of the phone. No leak could truly hint at what Apple had in store, as it turns out.

SAN FRANCISCO -- It was hard for Apple CEO Steve Jobs to surprise the audience here, given that prototypes of the iPhone 4 had leaked out in the months prior to today's announcement at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference here, but he still managed a few revelations.

Jobs saved the biggest new feature of the phone for last: videoconferencing, which Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) calls FaceTime. There are two cameras in the iPhone 4, one on the front and one on the back. Setting up a videoconference is as simple as making a call. When a call is placed, a user selects video conference, and the cameras kick in, with no setup at all required, Jobs said. The only thing required is an iPhone 4 on both ends of the conversation.

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