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VMware Partners With Novell for SUSE Linux

Linux has seen growing corporate adoption as the open source software proves its worth to IT shops looking for flexible, secure solutions. Part of that flexibility is the ability to work with other systems.

ServerWatch reports on a new deal between virtualization leader VMware and Linux supplier Novell. It's the latest partnership move by Novell which has worked closely with companies such as Microsoft in a bid to expand its distribution.

Virtualization vendor VMware and Novell are entering into a new partnership that will see VMware distributing Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) as part of its vSphere appliances.

As a result, VMware vSphere virtual machine users will now get SLES support subscriptions bundled in as part of their vSphere licenses, which in turn could make administrators' jobs easier.

"By standardizing the OS for VMware virtual appliances, VMware will be simplifying the deployment and ongoing management of our virtual appliance-based products," Bogomil Balkansky, vice president of product marketing at VMware (NYSE: VMW), told InternetNews.com.

The partnership could help to give Novell (NASDAQ: NOVL) a leg up on its Linux rivals as VMware solidifies part of Linux efforts around SLES. However, the deal doesn't mean that VMware is standardizing on Linux across all of its offerings, according to Balkansky.

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