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Say What? The Week's Top Five IT Quotes

"I believe we're going to see an increased move to data center environments where things run fine without cooling."

    Scott Noteboom, the head of data center operations at Yahoo, in his keynote at the 7×24 Exchange conference. (Data Center Knowledge)

"Now, stop me if you've seen this."

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs right before he unveiled the iPhone 4. A video detailing the features of an iPhone 4 prototype had been posted earlier by the gadget site Gizmodo without Apple's approval. (EnterpriseMobileToday)

"There is a disconnect between traditional IT and the CEO."

    Forrester CEO George Colony who also said that only 16 percent of CEOs of the world's largest companies mention IT in their company annual reports. He noted that technology companies Microsoft, Dell, HP and IBM have no mention of internal IT in their annual reports. (Computerworld UK)

"Computer viruses exploit the fact that all instances of an application are identical. The general idea is to prevent viruses from propagating by making each version of an application different."

    Florida State University professor David Whalley on efforts to immunize mobile applications. FSU has received funding from the National Science Foundation. (EE Times)

"IBM's free, standard code may end up being so ubiquitous that everything in your entire house is networked up, from the solar panels on your roof to the watering system in your lawn to the emergency button in Grandma's apartment annex. It's basically sci-fi come true and could reduce costs and environmental impact."