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Jobs Throws Free Bumpers at iPhone 4 Problem

Apple CEO Steve Jobs cut short a vacation to at least temporarily resolve what some have called a serious public-relations disaster and others have deemed a non-issue with his company's uber-popular iPhone 4s.

As Enterprise Mobile Today reports, Jobs begrudgingly decided to give away free rubber "bumpers" that fit around the outside of the fastest-selling smartphone in history to placate critics and users who claim the phone would lose its signal or drop calls if held in the user's left hand.

Whether this fairly simple and relatively inexpensive fix will put the controversy to rest remains to be seen.

What is certain is that Jobs, never a big fan of the media to begin with, is exacerbated by what he considers the overblown coverage of this minor technical glitch. He was also more than happy to demonstrate that other popular smartphone experience similar signal loss or degradation under the same circumstances.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs on Friday said the company would give free away "bumpers," a rubber wrapper that goes around the outside of the iPhone 4, as a solution to solve the signal loss problem when the phone is held a certain way.

But first, he spent 30 minutes pounding on the press.

Jobs's disdain for the media is no secret, but today he was in full bloom. He said he had been on vacation in Hawaii all week and cut it short to come back and address the growing controversy around the iPhone 4. Since its release, customers have noted that when the phone is held in their left hand, its signal bars drop and, in some cases, the call is lost.

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