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Microsoft Begins Yahoo Ad Integration

Microsoft and Yahoo continue to press ahead with their search integration as the look to mount a challenge to market leader Google. Through the partnership, Microsoft will handle the technical aspects of the search and advertising operations, while Yahoo will focus on the consumer-facing level.

Now, Microsoft and Yahoo have alerted marketers that they aim to transition the advertising accounts to Microsoft's adCenter by October. E-Commerce Guide has the details.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) announced in late August that the integration of the software giant's back-end search engine with Yahoo's sites was complete, after beginning that work only a week earlier.

"This week, Yahoo advertisers can begin transitioning their paid search campaigns to Microsoft adCenter. During the transition, which is on-track for completion by the end of October, advertisers will continue to manage separate accounts on adCenter (serving ads on Bing) and Yahoo Search Marketing (serving ads on Yahoo! Search)," David Pann, general manager of the Microsoft Advertising Search Network," said in a post to the Microsoft adCenter blog Tuesday.

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