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Social Intelligence Data-Mines Potential Hires

Companies looking to hire new employees have traditionally relied on resumes and references to screen candidates. And savvy job-seekers are putting a lot more than text in their resumes, including everything from slide shows, audio and video clips to links to their personal websites and online projects they've been involved in.

But there's another source of information some job seekers might not be so eager to share, the content stored on their social network page.

Now at least one company, Social Intelligence, offers employers a service that scours social networks for any potentially damaging information on job candidates. As Datamation reports, the Social Intelligence Hiring service can produce a report on the "real you" within 48 hours.

In the Steven Spielberg movie Minority Report, police belonging to a special Pre-crime unit arrest people for crimes they would do in the future. It's science fiction, and it will probably never happen in our lifetimes.

However, the pre-crime concept is coming very soon to the world of Human Resources (HR) and employee management.

A Santa Barbara, Calif., startup called Social Intelligence data-mines the social networks to help companies decide if they really want to hire you.

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