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Data Center Power Bills Sap IT Budgets: Gartner

Data centers aren't cheap affairs to operate, and a new report from IT research firm Gartner has found that energy expenses are the fastest-rising aspect of their total cost. Gartner concluded that energy expenses comprise roughly 12 percent of the overall cost.

So what are enterprises to do? Gartner has some ideas, and it all starts with accurate measurement across six distinct areas of their operations. Datamation takes a look at Gartner's advice for enterprises looking to contain data-center energy costs.

IT managers looking to keep their budgets under control would be well-advised to check their spending on energy-related costs to run their data centers. A new report by research firm Gartner concluded that energy-related expenses account for approximately 12 percent of overall data center costs and are the fastest rising data center expense.

Despite the wide availability of measurement tools and energy conservation consultants and services, Gartner (NYSE: IT) analyst Rakesh Kumar said data center operators struggle with figuring out the best place to measure the energy in their facilities.

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