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Cisco UCS Virtualization Dead Simple: CIO

To virtualize or not to virtualize. If that's the question, furniture retailer Slumberland has an answer.

But to arrive at that point of certainty, CIO Jamie Page and his team went through scrupulous cost-benefit analyses, evaluated competing hypervisor offerings from Microsoft and VMware, and ultimate settled on a deployment that runs Microsoft's Hyper-V over Cisco's Unified Computing System technology.

CIO Update profiles Slumberland's IT transformation.

Virtualization isn't just a buzzword, it's a technology that can potentially help to save thousands of dollars for CIOs and enterprise IT managers. To properly harness the economic benefits of virtualization, furniture retailer Slumberland teamed up with Cisco Systems and its Unified Computing System (UCS) platform.

The move to UCS-based virtualization has saved Slumberland's CIO approximately $368,000 in capital costs that might otherwise have been required to scale and support the business. With 118 stores and $390 million in annual sales, Slumberland is one of the top 25 furniture retailers in the U.S.

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