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Motorola Hits Back in Microsoft Patent Spat

Like a Bach fugue, the contrapuntal rhythm that so often characterizes high-tech patent disputes is playing out again this week, with Motorola answering Microsoft's infringement lawsuit with its own countersuit, accusing the software giant of infringing on 16 of its patents.

The escalating tensions between the two companies have seen Microsoft sue Motorola twice in the past six weeks, both for patent infringement relating to the Android mobile operating system and then for a breach of contract concerning the terms Microsoft pays to license various technologies from the phone maker.

Now in the countersuit, Motorola charges Microsoft with infringing on a host of patents across its major product lines, including PC, mobile and server software. Enterprise Mobile Today has the story.

As predictable as rain in Seattle in November, Wednesday evening, mobile device maker Motorola responded to two lawsuits that Microsoft recently filed against it by countersuing, alleging that the software titan infringes some 16 of its own patents.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Motorola (NYSE: MOT) have been on increasingly bad terms of late.

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