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As Green Tide Swells, Paper Usage Ebbs: Survey

Will there ever be such a thing as a truly paperless office? For decades, digital soothsayers have been predicting that businesses would eventually phase out the use of paper in their day-to-day operations as electronic devices become the singular conduit of information, and yet paper consumption has remained high.

But that could be changing, according to AIIM, a nonprofit group focused on information management. For the first time, AIIM found in a survey that businesses are actually cutting down on their paper consumption, both in the interest of going green and improving the bottom line. Datamation takes a look.

So-called office automation and digital communications has been with us for decades, but our reliance on paper persists. As far back as 1982, technology analyst Amy Wohl famously stated that "the paperless office is as useful as a paperless bathroom," and that quip has stood the test of time.

But a recent survey by the non-profit, information management group AIIM, indicates the tide may be finally turning against the need for paper output.

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