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Microsoft Aims to Keep Google's ITA Buy Grounded

Google must be starting to feel Microsoft's pain. For years it seems like the software's giant's every move has received regulatory scrutiny and complaints from one vested interest or another -- mainly competitors. Now Microsoft has company, one of its fiercest rivals

As Datamation reports, Microsoft is joining a group opposing Google's planned acquisition of ITA software. Microsoft is an ITA customer and is one of several companies, including travel site Expedia, that have joined FairSearch.org in opposing the deal.

The simmering debate over whether or not search giant Google should be allowed to buy out travel technology developer ITA Software may have finally reached a critical point Monday when an organization of merger opponents, FairSearch.org, announced that Microsoft has joined its ranks.

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced its plans to acquire ITA Software for approximately $799 million in cash in early July.

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Microsoft Joins Group Against Google Acquisition