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Microsoft Aims to Block 'App Store' Trademark

It's hardly a secret that there's no love lost between Microsoft and Apple. The two companies have long engaged in a more or less public feud, sniping at each other in advertisements, product launches and comments to the media.

The latest front is the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, where Apple is seeking to trademark the term, "App Store," which it originally coined upon the launch of its marketplace for third-party software applications for the iPhone.

Not so fast, says Microsoft. The software giant has asked the Patent Office to deny Apple's trademark filing, arguing that the term has become common parlance among all purveyors of third-party applications.

"An 'app store' is an 'app store.' Like 'shoe store' or 'toy store,' it is a generic term that is commonly used by companies, governments, and individuals that offer apps," said Microsoft's associate general counsel for trademarks.

Enterprise Mobile Today reports on Microsoft's crusade to block Apple's trademark application.

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