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Banner Advertising Delivers AdVantage

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] Internet advertising can, and does deliver significant brand impact and awareness for established brands, according to a recent LookSmart Australia market research study.

Called Project Ad-Vantage, the study investigated the impact of banner advertising on the brand building process and, through a series of case studies, examined how banner advertising works.

With more than 5,400 interviews conducted by market research group Millward Brown Interactive across three major Web sites within the LookSmart Network, Project Ad-Vantage tested the different advertising executions for 10 online and offline brands: Ansett, AXA, Carlton Cold, dstore.com.au, Intel, Kit Kat, NAB, Quicken.com.au, Seek.com.au and wishlist.com.au.

Results showed that online advertising delivered significant brand impact linked to ad-awareness for well-established brands.

"Online advertising campaigns are traditionally measured by click-through rates and traffic targets, with little consideration given to how the campaign drives and supports the brand building process," said Katherine Rossetti, LookSmart Australia's vice president of sales.

"At LookSmart we believed that online advertising could play a role, additional to the traditional direct response mechanism, in building and supporting a brand. Project Ad-Vantage was designed to investigate this belief and provide our clients and advertising partners with some conclusive results on the impact online advertising can have on their brand," she said.

Project Ad-Vantage also examined direct response click-through rates, finding that higher click-through rates were linked directly with whether the product or service could be fulfilled online.

"The results of this research are invaluable in helping to understand how banner advertising works and have enabled us to gain a greater insight into the results we can expect to see from particular client campaigns and market sectors," said Ms. Rossetti. "Using this information the team at LookSmart is able to work closely with our advertisers to devise campaigns which are specifically suited to the brand, product or service being promoted at any given time."