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C-COM Launches First High-Speed Internet Cell Modem

[Ottawa, CANADA] C-COM Satellite Systems (CDNX: CMI) has inked a Cdn $1 million (US $1.48 million) reseller agreement with Warp 9 Communication to distribute TurboCell in North America.

TurboCell is the first commercially available cellular modem designed to deliver high-speed digital data connections using existing cellular infrastructure.

"This unique technology offers a faster, more efficient way to communicate," said Leslie Klein, president and chief executive officer of C-COM. "TurboCell will provide millions of cellular users the ability to use the Internet at high speed."

TurboCell provides much faster digital data transmission rates than other currently available cellular modems. While conventional cellular transmissions are limited to 14.2 Kbps, the TurboCell modem can send and receive information at speeds of 56 Kbps to 156 Kbps.

The unit connects into a USB port of any PC computer, desktop, or laptop and is compatible with the digital coverage area of the Bell Mobility and Sprint PCS cellular networks in North America.

"TurboCell will enhance communications for corporate and industrial customers," said Dominic Martiniello, president of Warp9 Communication. "We've already begun discussions with police forces, public transits and insurance industries, all of whom have shown a strong requirement for high-speed access on the move."

TurboCell is available online at US $999 by Warp9 Communications in North America.

C-COM Satellite Systems develops satellite-based technology that allows the delivery of high-speed Internet services to mobile users. Its end-users include trucking companies, recreational vehicles, yachts, shipping fleets, ferries, commercial vessels, cruise ships, utility vehicles, police forces, emergency vehicles, and businesses that require the use of high speed mobile Internet services.

Warp9 Communication markets and distributes wireless solutions to corporate and industrial users -- the first reseller to offer the TurboCell modem in North America. It is a subsidiary of Integrated Global Solutions Group of Ottawa.