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Edgix Gets Inktomi Platform Blessing

Edgix Corp. is taking its broadband-based server technology and joining with Inktomi Corp. in an agreement to collaborate on technology and marketing developments, it was announced Wednesday.

The deal promises to give Internet service providers already using Inktomi's caching solution more room on networks that are being increasingly filled with bandwidth-hogging content like video and streaming media.

The deal is similar to Edgix's deal Oct. 26 with Novell, Inc., to provide Web content delivery services on Novell's Internet caching system.

ISPs using edgeMedia to cache its content are guaranteed a 30 percent network improvement with a unique service-level agreement that forces them to put their money where their mouth is. If it doesn't perform at that level of performance, the ISP doesn't pay, officials confirmed.

The service is run on Edgix's Edge Delivery Platform, which deploys servers made by Dell Corp. into the ISPs edge nodes. Edge nodes are described as the connection point between the provider and the end user, usually a hub for digital subscriber line service and the head end on cable networks.

Rangu Salgame, Edgix Corp. president and chief executive officer, said the agreement validates his company's position as an edge services provider.

"Our relationship with Inktomi, the market leader in Internet infrastructure software, will dramatically increase Edgix's service footprint and secure our leadership in the ESP space," Salgame said. "Our service capabilities and Inktomi's extensible software-based services platform are a powerful combination for service providers looking to fulfill their end users' growing demand for rich media."

Keynote, an e-commerce benchmarking company, came away impressed with the Edgix product. It reported a 338 percent increase in download speeds when using the edgeMedia service, a number reached by taking the average result of the slowest five percent of download times.

The edgeMedia service has been on the market in Europe and North and South America for nearly a month. In that time the company has secured contracts with Everest Broadband Networks, a competitive local exchange carrier specializing in multi-tenant buildings, and Chello, Europe and Latin Americas largest cable provider.