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Bluemanna Chases Adventure With i7

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] Outdoor adventure site Bluemanna.com.au has signed a network agreement with i7, as part of the startup's quest to increase exposure and audience numbers.

Under the partnership, Bluemanna will be promoted on the i7 navigation bar and on the Seven television network, with the companies predicting Bluemanna content to appear on i7 around mid November.

Seven developed i7 to harness online and broadband potential for its content, and Bluemanna is seeking to board this train to audiences. "Current traffic to the site is comparable to the readership for any of the leading specialist offline magazines," said Bluemanna marketing director Dick Baynham. "Our objective in partnering with i7 is to magnify the size of that audience by 500 percent over the next 12 months."

For i7, Bluemanna goes toward meeting the site's objective to provide specialized content, with i7 chief executive officer Steve Wise suggesting the combination of Seven's travel programs and Bluemanna complementary content provides fodder for a broadband channel strategy.

"Importantly, Bluemanna allows us to build our travel presence on i7, based on Seven's The Great Outdoors program and its Web site," said Wise. "It allows us to build long term relationships with our audience and create integrated broadcast television and online marketing solutions for major advertisers."

Giraffe Online, which owns Bluemanna, first approached i7 back in May, following the launch of the adventure site. "We always knew that the major media companies were going to be the gatekeepers to the new economy and we wanted to position ourselves with the right company," said Baynham of the interest in a partnership.