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Betcha Can't Have Just One

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] The .au Domain Administration (AuDA) has released it's public consultation report, advising that the current rule of one domain name per entity be scrapped.

The rule, which has lead to many companies registering bogus business names in order to gain branding for products or subsidiaries, will be removed if auDA has its way, but domain name aspirants will still need to declare a bona fide intention to use the domain name for the purpose envisioned by the relevant subdomain (such as the commercial .com.au or the educational edu.au).

auDA recommended that the generic name rules preventing the allocation of generic words such as "business" and "sport" as domain names be extended to all open subdomains.

"The report contains draft recommendations for public comment...[Its] recommendations are aimed at making Australian domain name policies more consistent, coherent and predictable," said Peter McGauran, acting minister for communications, information technology and the arts.

McGauran said the report was a step towards auDA's goal of delivering self-regulatory administration of the .au domain, objectives including that auDA operate as a fully self-funding organization to promote competition, fair trading and consumer protection.