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Wireless Matrix, Bell, Telus Forge Alliance

[Calgary, CANADA] Wireless Matrix today announced an R&D agreement with the Bell Wireless Alliance / TELUS Mobility Wireless Investment Fund.

Under the terms of the agreement, Wireless Matrix will make its IP Anywhere services available to mobile users via Internet-enabled wireless phones.

IP Anywhere service gives companies the ability to interact with and control remote industrial sites such as oil and gas wells, utility systems, transportation assets, and environmental sites.

The Bell Wireless Alliance/TELUS Mobility Wireless Investment fund, created in 1998, provides funding, through a competitive process, to support wireless telecommunications R&D by small- and medium-sized companies.

"We are moving beyond the PC to unleash the power of the mobile Internet for IP Anywhere customers," said Dr J. T. Knight, chief executive officer of Wireless Matrix.

"Our continuing association with the leaders in the Canadian wireless market gives us unparalleled access to technical and market expertise and is an outstanding opportunity to extend our current technology and market leadership."

Wireless Matrix IP Anywhere wireless data service is targeted to Internet/IP-enable an estimated 200 million corporate non-PC data devices worldwide.

This area is expected by many to represent the next major wireless data / Internet communications growth market.

With a primary focus on non-urban, industrial markets, the first target market for IP Anywhere is the Canadian oil and gas industry, although expansion into other vertical and geographical markets is currently underway.