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ICANN Coins the Dots

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] The board of directors of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), has finally announced its picks for new top level domains (TLDs).

The final selection includes seven new domains, of which one TLD, '.biz' was proposed by Melbourne IT, which teamed up with NeuStar as JVTeam in its bid to register the new names. JVTeam also proposed .per, a personal domain space which was rejected by ICANN in favor of Global Name Registry's '.name'.

Other TLDs given the go ahead include '.aero', proposed by the Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques (SITA); .coop, proposed by National Cooperative Business Association, (NCBA); .info, put forward by Afilias, a group of 19 ICANN-accredited registrars; .museum, from Museum Domain Management Association, (MDMA) and '.pro', supported by a joint venture between Register.com and Virtual Internet, RegistryPro.

The RegistryPro application called for the creation of domain names tailored to specific professions, such as doctors, lawyers and accountants, which it said would allow consumers to make distinctions among professionals.

Global Name Registry will reserve second level '.name' domains for family names, meaning the form of its domains would be john.smith.name, for example, where smith.name is reserved, and customers may register their names at the third level.

Melbourne IT said its .biz domain would enhance navigation of the Internet by providing a space for businesses. It did not clarify the distinction between the .biz and .com spaces, but said .biz would be a place where businesses can be quickly found and secure e-commerce transactions can be performed.

"The joint venture partners believe that, of the new registries awarded, .biz should be one of the most commercially attractive," said a representative.