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IntraNet Solutions Revises File Viewer

IntraNet Solutions Inc. Tuesday launched the newest version of its Web server plug-in that makes over 200 different file types viewable in any Web browser.

The firm's Outside In Server automates the cumbersome task of translating information stored in standard business documents into Web-enabled technologies. The server then makes information available via a Web browser, regardless of the application in which it was authored.

Outside In® Server 3.0 enables users to convert business content to wireless mark-up language (WML) for viewing on any wireless application protocol (WAP)-compatible device, including desktops, personal digital assistants and cell phones.

With the product upgrade, Webmasters may refrain from converting and managing different documents for each device because Outside In will do it for them: It detects the client's browser type and automatically delivers the content in the appropriate format for that browser. Enterprises are then provided with the flexibility to deliver information to desktops and wireless devices.

Scott Norder, president of the Information Exchange Division of IntraNet Solutions, said those who run B2B Web sites must keep information lines open to all users, from those traditional users of PCs, to the next-generation users of various wireless devices.

"Outside In Server covers all the bases, making critical information immediately accessible anytime, anywhere, which is a significant competitive advantage for our customers," Norder said.

The Outside In Server 3.0 technology will ship Dec. 1, 2000 and is priced at $10,000 per server.