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SearchandMatch Gets Another Million Pounds

[London, ENGLAND] It is only 6 weeks old and it has already had investment of nearly US $6 million, but search and procurement portal engine SearchandMatch has just received another million pounds (US $1.42 million) from British entrepreneur Bob Morton.

Morton, who is chairman of Harrier Group plc (and, for that matter, also of Baron Corporation plc, Vislink plc, Incepta Group plc, Planit Holdings plc, Systems Union Group plc, Clarity Group plc, BsoftB plc and InterClubNet plc) has great faith in the new product.

"The SearchandMatch tool will revolutionize information retrieved on the Internet as we know it, being highly flexible and relevant to all market sectors," said Morton.

So what does SearchandMatch do exactly? According to information issued by the SearchandMatch Limited it currently "allows the instantaneous appraisal and matching of software needs on over 100,000 software application products and from 7,600 suppliers."

Divided into 340 recognized business and industry sectors, SearchandMatch holds details on over 1,500 different software application areas. Updated daily, it lets the user search the database quickly according to specific criteria.

Among early adopters of SearchandMatch are Centrica plc, DHL, the European Patent Office, ICI, Lloyds TSB Development Capital and Unicorn Systems.

SearchandMatch says it will expand its portal over the next 6 months to include data on 300,000 products from 45,000 suppliers -- serving Europe and the United States as well as the U.K.

Keeping data on so many products up-to-date will be a major task, but SearchandMatch appears confident that it will offer valid information to all its customers.

Morton's investment decision is supported by recent findings of the Aberdeen Group, which predicts that 90 percent of purchasing professionals will be conducting transactions over the Internet by 2002.