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Mobile Phone Boom Amongst Teens is Apparent On the Internet

[Nuernberg, GERMANY] Around 17 percent of German online users are between the ages of 10 and 19. This young target group is particularly interested in using the Internet as a means of communication. In October 2000, there was an above-average number of visits by young surfers to messenger applications, online communities, and entertainment and gaming sites, as well as to sites about school and education. Services related to mobile phones are considered especially trendy amongst teens, as the latest results in the monthly Digital Media Report from MMXI Europe, a Jupiter MMXI company, have shown.

The trend towards owning a personal mobile phone can be seen in the online user behavior of young people. Internet services for mobile phoning are used twice as much by teens as they are by average users. In October, one out of three young surfers (35.3 percent) used a Web site with services for mobile phones or a Web site to send short messages at least once. Online messengers, which are available as applications on the Web and which tell users which other registered users are online at the same time, are also very popular amongst youngsters. Almost one out of every four youths aged 10 to 19 used messaging services such as ICQ or AOL Instant Messenger in October. Teens used messenger services around 10 days a month, which is considerably higher than the average of 8 days. The average length of use in minutes in October totaled 160 minutes, which means that each teen spent an average of 15 minutes per day of use using this type of online communication. Additionally, the hit list of sites with the highest percentage of users between the ages of 10 and 19 shows that teens are spending more and more time at gaming sites.

"In general, it seems that teenagers want to use the Internet for fun and communication," says Thomas Pauschert, managing director of MMXI Germany. "Mobile phones with pre-paid cards are widespread amongst this group. It's clear then that young surfers will make use of the opportunities on the Internet to send free short messages. Every third teen uses SMS offers on the Web, and nearly every fourth teen communicates with other surfers using messenger services. There is considerable potential here for branding and winning loyal customers on the Internet."