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OnSat, Avaya Wire Hospitality Industry

[Calgary, CANADA] OnSat.net Canada (CDNX:ONS) has inked a Memorandum of Understanding with Corporations At Work Technologies (C@W) to establish a joint venture, OnSat Hospitality JV, for wireless broadband services including high speed Internet access to the hospitality industry.

Starting with Canada, OnSat's Digital Equity Network and Avaya's wireless AS 2000 Access Servers have been combined to install the new system in at least 250 hotels during the first year of operation.

"We are already up and running at our first Canadian hotel, with another 11 hotels already in the process of completing site surveys for installation in the next 45 days," said David Stephens, president and chief executive officer of OnSat.

"This means we are well on our way to meeting the JV's goal of at least 250 hotels. With each hotel installation averaging $110,000 in cost, the JV will realize significant revenues over the next year."

C@W and OnSat have been testing the combination of OnSat's Digital Equity Network and the Avaya AS 2000 Access Server product for the last several months at a hotel in Penticton, British Columbia, where C@W installed an Access Server network as the world pilot product launch in conjunction with Lucent Technologies.

In the privacy of hotel suites, in public areas and meeting rooms, or in the outdoor restaurants, hotel guests have been enjoying high-speed Internet connectivity.

"Our network at the Penticton Lakeside Resort and the Penticton Conference Center have proven themselves to be functional, and are already resulting in increased revenue for both the hotel and conference center through increased meeting room bookings," said Dan Hidlebaugh, president and chief executive officer of OnSat Hospitality JV, and president of C@W.

Avaya's national sales force is co-marketing the OnSat Hospitality JV solution and expects significant market penetration in the billion-dollar North American hospitality industry.

The joint venture uses C@W's project management and integration skills, Avaya wireless products, and OnSat's private, satellite based Digital Equity Network that combine into a highly complementary solution for hotels.