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Dotcom Hot Shots...

Seattle-based ServiceStop Inc., a provider of timesaving, Web-based employee programs, today announced that it is offering company-wide flu shots to Seattle area companies. Seattle.internet.com has learned that Seattle's Nimble Technologies has already registered for the service.

The service, provided by Clackamas, Oregon-based GetAFluShot.com is a nurse practitioner-owned business, with licensed nurses, RNs and LPNs administering all immunizations.

Employers can order the vaccinations by logging onto servicestop.com. In addition, employers can opt to pay the fees for their staff, subsidize a portion, or simply provide the option for staff to participate at their own cost.

"The ability to schedule flu shots online is a positive step in promoting employee health and productivity, " says Jon Clemens, founder and CEO of ServiceStop, Inc. "Company-wide flu shots can potentially reduce the number of sick days for staff. By bringing the service to the office, it can reduce time off for a doctor or clinic visit while ensuring a healthy workforce," says Clemens.