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A Portal for Palm People

A new resource for the Palm OS developer community will debut this week.

Developer's Nation.net will launch a portal Tuesday, located at http://www.devnation.net, designed to provide Palm OS developers with access to an extensive technical database.

"Our first thrust is to provide easy access to technical support that will give developers fast answers," said Andrew Eisenberg, CEO of Developer's Nation. "The site will contain Palm's vast resevoir of FAQs as well as the only online library based on Palm's technical database. The site will assist developers in resolving problems. For instance, if a developer hits a wall in writing a code, he can get resolution through our site."

The portal addresses an audience that reaches far and wide, he added. "Currently, there are an estimated 125,000 Palm developers worldwide, with more than 2,000 new programmers joining the ranks each week," he said. "We expect to have 50,000 members by the end of our first year."

Following the site's launch, a range of technical services and support will be added, including seminars, job postings and recruitment, message boards and chat rooms, and the publishing of white papers on OS issues. "The technical library will grow quickly as more developers use the site and their knowledge base is captured and cleansed of any proprietary information and added to the site," Eisenberg said.

The service will be subscriber based. "Membership will cost $100 annually, which includes access to our database. There will be an additional charge for the resolution of specific incidents," Eisenberg said.

The site is backed by Palm as well as Handango, Firepad and Independent Professional Services.