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Amazon, Audible.com Alliance: Chapter 2

Amazon.com Wednesday expanded its audio content by integrating Audible.com's 26,000 hours of Internet-delivered spoken audio into its offerings.

Visitors to the online book seller now have complete access to Audible's book titles. When customers enter the title of a book in the search function, they will receive links to all the formats available in that title: hardback, paperback, book on tape or audiobook editions.

"By integrating Audible.com into our search results, we make it much easier for customers to find the titles that are available while also addressing their desire to utilize the Internet not only for ease of ordering but for the convenience of online delivery," said Erick Gross, group product manager, Amazon.com Books.

With the fully searchable titles, sales will increase, added Jonathan Korzen, senior manager, media relations, Audible Inc. "People have been loath to purchase when they browse," he said. "When they know what title they are looking for, the appeal to download the audio is much greater."

Samples of the downloadable literature are available. "As part of a cross-selling strategy, visitors are taken to a co-branded page where they can listen to an audio sample. This has never before been available for a book on tape," noted Korzen. Users can additionally access a selection of digital newspapers and magazines.

The downloadable content is geared exclusively to users with PC-based listening or mobile playback on Audible Ready portable digital audio players.

Wednesday's announcement builds on a relationship that was established at the beginning of this year. At that time, the two companies united to provide Amazon.com customers with a selection of digital audio content.