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Czech Internet Company Offers Development Capabilities

[Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC] Czech company Qbizm Technologies, Inc., a software house oriented primarily on Internet applications, has announced its new business plan consisting in outsourcing of Internet software development from the U.S. to the Czech Republic.

The Prague Project, as the company named its proposal, is based on the trivial fact that the cost of the software development in the Eastern Europe is significantly lower than in the U.S. while the quality can easily be the same. "The Prague Project is primarily focused at U.S. system integrators and software houses fighting the need for professional software developers. With the Prague Project, their work can be fully or partially outsourced by our skilled engineers at a fraction of the cost [usual in the U.S.]", said Peter K. Ulrich, CEO and founder of Qbizm Technologies. His company ranks among the best local software developers. Its main product, HyperQbstm technology, enables to create and maintain software components for Internet applications quickly and smoothly.

Qbizm emphasizes that nowadays you can't tell the difference between collaboration with a peer in the next office and across the ocean. "Communication is arranged by the latest Internet collaborative tools linking together high-profile project managers, analytical groups and developers with a customer ensuring smooth project handling," said Rene Michalek, CTO of Qbizm Technologies.

Qbizm is not the only one among software and Internet companies in the Eastern Europe offering their research and development capabilities to the West. There is growing trend towards this type of outsourcing, though the region still doesn't play such an important role in the industry as India or the Pacific Rim. Local developers are lured to outsourcing by the promise of high paid and relatively safe jobs.

Qbizm Technologies recently opened its small office in the Silicon Valley to be closer to its customers. This trend is also common for successful software and Internet companies from the Eastern Europe.