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DeepBridge Launches European Assault

[Rome, ITALY] Deepbridge Content Solutions, a leading provider of personalized content management, CRM and e-commerce solutions in the USA, announced its entrance into the European business-to-business market with the establishment of an operational headquarters in Rome.

"Europe is the fastest growing Internet market today," said Mark Abouzeid, Senior Technical Strategies, Mark Abouzeid, who will manage DeepBridge's expansion operation. "According to EC figures, approximately 101.3 million people in Western Europe will have access to the Internet by 2001. European businesses need faster, more efficient and cost-effective solutions to manage the vast amount of content they're publishing to the Web. DeepBridge has the breadth of experience and technical capabilities necessary to dominate this market."

Headquartered in New York City with offices in Boston and Washington, D.C., DeepBridge provides services to clients like Sotheby's, Staples, Getmusic.com, Pharmacia, Macy's, Association Press, Business Week, Time Inc., Banker's Trust, and IBM. In September, the company purchased Washington, D.C.-based OnLine Communications for an undisclosed amount of cash and stock. The acquisition marked a continuation in the company's strategy of building a strong vertical market presence, expanding DeepBridge's geographical reach, and increasing its blue-chip customer base. Europe was its next target.

During the expansion announcement, DeepBridge CEO, Jim Clements, said that "Mark Abouzeid's strengths in e-Business strategy, interactive branding, and information architecture fit squarely with the full complement of content management solutions that DeepBridge offers. Furthermore, his extensive knowledge of the global e-business market will help us achieve a firm foothold in Europe."

DeepBridge now has over 120 employees and projected revenues of over $20 million annually.

"Business models are being written from the ground-up in Europe," said Abouzid. "It presents a rare opportunity for a company like DeepBridge to help global business achieve smooth, strategic and profitable change to Web technologies."