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Name Game Gets Nasty

[Sydney, AUSTRALIA] auDA CEO Chris Disspain has described Primus claims that auDA was stalling competition in the .au domain name space as "self serving nonsense."

"Whilst it might be beneficial to Primus to introduce competition overnight, abandoning the public consultation process would certainly not be in the best interests of the business community or the public," he said.

auDA originally planned to introduce competition in October this year, a deadline which has been moved forward to October 2001.

A Primus representative George Hazim in turn described Disspain's statement as "nonsense."

"Primus has never ever wanted to abandon the public consultation process, but we believe that the introduction of competition is in the best interests of the community. This statement shows that [Disspain] is becoming very defensive about the fact that we're now in the market and posing a serious threat to Melbourne IT."

Disspain dismissed such accusations, warning Primus to cooperate with the regulatory body. "To suggest that we are some kind of quasi government body in the business of protecting Melbourne IT shows a fundamental lack of understanding of auDA and it's processes and procedures," he said. "If Primus is intent on becoming a registrar of .au domain names in the future I would have thought that they would be making an effort to be properly informed as to auDA's role and its processes and procedures." Disspain said auDA would seek to work co-operatively with organizations such as Primus to bring about the smooth transition to competition.

Primus was unmoved by the claim. "Do you see them going out there promoting competition?" asked Hazim, "I don't."

Minister for communications Richard Alston recently signed a letter formally awarding auDA government endorsement. The endorsement was to be awarded based on auDA's achievement of initial objectives set out by the federal government, including that it "aim to enhance benefits to Internet users through the promotion of competition, fair trading and provisions for consumer protection and support."