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Electronic Virtual Assistants Becoming Popular, Says Kiwilogic

[London, ENGLAND] Not everyone took fashion advice from "Miss Boo," but other electronic virtual assistants are becoming popular, claims Lingubot software developer Kiwilogic.

Kiwilogic announced Tuesday that international Web design agencies Deepend and BlowUpC have taken out licenses to use Lingubots, enabling them to add an interactive element to their clients' sites.

Described as "interactive, intelligent online characters," Lingubots act as store greeters, customer support agents, product specialists and general purpose entertainers.

Deepend's Andy Donald, an interaction designer, believes that the Lingubot software has great potential for entertainment and games Web sites.

"We're really looking forward to exploring the possibilities of using it to enhance interaction, conversation and having fun in online environments," said Donald.

Similarly, Steve Dooley, one of the founder members of BlowUpC, said he and his colleagues are always looking at ways to increase interactivity with visitors.

"www.fifa-mra.com is visited by tech-savvy gamers and we are very interested in how they will react to, and with, Sweetpatch," said Dooley.

Sweetpatch is a sporty, sultry young lady who wears very short shorts and has green, spiky hair. She would probably not have been best friends with Miss Boo.

Dooley, who has studied the psychology of perception, believes the new generation of virtual assistants can merge psychology, visuals and interactivity. Designing for the Web, he says, is "Like using a paint box on steroids."

Kiwilogic puts forward a more sober argument for using Lingubots, saying they play an important role as part of an integrated e-commerce system, answering last-minute product questions and highlighting promotional and cross-selling opportunities. The end result, claims Kiwilogic, is an increase in revenues from online purchases.

Backed by Earlybird Venture Capital, Kiwilogic has offices in Germany, the U.K. and the U.S.