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[Toronto, CANADA] If Oprah Winfrey can turn a televised book club into a multimillion-dollar enterprise, then Globe Interactive should be able to leverage the Internet as an online forum for literature lovers. Or at least that's the thinking behind globebooks.com, an online destination for Canadian book enthusiasts operated by Globe Interactive, a part of The Globe and Mail, Canada's news and information company.

The globebooks.com site features news, reviews, awards, articles, interviews and event listings about books, including a regular column and reviews by noted Canadian broadcaster and writer, Pamela Wallin. Users can also complete the purchase of any book they like through an arrangement with book e-tailer Chapters Online.

The specialty site will combine original content with articles and reviews from The Globe and Mail's writers and reviewers including Margaret Cannon, Martin Levin and H.J. Kirchhoff. The site will host audio and interactive interviews with writers, as well as discussion forums for Canadian book lovers to share comments and insights.

"globebooks.com is a natural addition to the globeandmail.com Web Center and builds on The Globe and Mail's leadership in coverage of books and the book industry. globebooks.com will be a meeting place for Canadian readers to stay up to date on new books, meet favorite authors, and share recommendations," said Lib Gibson, president and CEO of Globe Interactive.