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French Tax Portal Reaches Design Stage

[London, ENGLAND] By May 2001, all French firms will have to submit tax returns via the Internet -- and ASP-One Europe has won a contract worth US $13 million to implement the system.

ASP-One's agreement is a five-year contract with the French Council of the Order of Charter Accountants (Conseil Supérieur de l'Ordre des Experts-Comptables); the mission is to provide accounting firms with a single, secure, Internet portal for electronic transmission of all tax and payroll submissions in France.

Henri Ganancia, president of ASP-One, said the project illustrates just how powerful a business tool the Internet has become.

"This venture shows ASPs can work on large scale projects," said Ganancia, refuting claims to the contrary.

The new tax portal will be aimed at around 100,000 accounting professionals who in turn provide services to more than a million companies. ASP-One will look after overall project management, production and operation, while other companies will also be involved in various aspects of the project.

Euroview will provide development and integration assistance Pagemed is scheduled to undertake Web portal development, Ackia is providing advice on ergonomics, and Almacom is contributing teleprocessing technology.

ASP-One itself will be responsible for qualification, certification, service quality, billing and user support. Its data center will automatically date and process the information, issue a time-stamped receipt, and sort and distribute the returns to the proper authorities.

The end result, say the experts, will be faster, more secure and more accurate tax filing for French businesses. That is just as well, as tax filing over the Internet will become compulsory for all French companies with annual earnings of more than US $13 million.

With deadlines already looming, ASP-One Europe will need to pull out all stops to complete the work on time. French companies will have access to the system and ASP-One's data submission program during May.