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Send It to Oregon

In an effort to attract a large number of Seattle and Silicon Vallley hi tech firms, Anitian Consulting, a Beaverton, Oregon based consulting firm, introduced a new marketing campaign to encourage outsourcing IT projects to Oregon.

The campaign, titled "Go Oregon," stresses the savings high-tech firms can realize outsourcing work such as technical documentation and programming to consultants in Oregon.

The company cites the lower cost of living in Portland as a means of saving as much as 35% by hiring Oregon residents to work off-site.

"A lot of high-tech firms are beginning to feel the pinch of this economic downturn and are looking for ways to save money," said Andrew Plato, President and Principal Consultant for Anitian Consulting.

According to Salary.com a software engineer in the Portland market can expect a salary of about $60,000. In Silicon Valley that same engineer would require almost $90,000 to live comfortably.

"The numbers are convincing," says Plato. "A good programmer in Silicon Valley can command a salary of about $100,000. After benefits are figured in the total personnel cost can rise to $180,000. Alternatively, companies can outsource that position to Anitian Consulting for a little over $100,000 a year and save about 30%. It's good for the company and it's good for Oregon."

The "Go Oregon" campaign will involve direct mailing and traditional sales, targeting an array of technology-related companies. The company hopes to expand to radio and billboard advertising as the campaign gains momentum.