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Net Radio Integrated into I-TV

Internet radio products, which play streaming audio from the Internet, have barely been launched and already they are being ported to television platforms.

3Com, which is about to launch its Kerbango Internet Tuning Service (KTS), said Tuesday that it has reached an agreement to integrate the service into the interactive television (i-TV) platform developed by TeleCruz Technology.

Under the agreement, TeleCruz will develop custom hardware compatible with the Kerbango and will offer it as an option to its OEM partners. Among its partners are Panasonic and Zenith. TeleCruz's role will not be to collect revenues for the integration; rather, OEMs will license the Kerbango technology directly from 3Com, under the terms of the agreement.

KTS provides free access to thousands of pre-qualified audio sites from around the world and provides an on-screen directory of available programming.

"Our partnership with TeleCruz signals a fundamental change in the perception and use of Internet radio in today's digital home and redefines the meaning of 'home theater,'" said John Fitch, vice president and general manager of 3Com Internet Radio Division.