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Liberate Supports I-TV Games

Liberate Technologies said Tuesday it is adding support for interactive games and other programming to run on low-end set-top boxes that use its Liberate TV Platform and its PopTV program.

The company's PopTV service provides cable operators with pre-packaged interactive programming that they can offer their customers. The service was launched for high-end interactive TV set-tops last August and is now available for low-end set-tops that use the so-called compact version of Liberate's platform.

Specifically, popular games such as Trivial Pursuit will be offered for Motorola DCT-2000 set-top boxes, the company said. It added that the DCT-2000 is the most widely-deployed set-top in the U.S., with between seven and eight million installations.

The company said it is looking for more game developers to develop their wares for the PopTV program.