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Baltimore Technologies Upgrades Security Suite

E-security product giant Baltimore Technologies Inc. Tuesday unleashed upgrades across the board for its popular MIMEsweeper product family, which weeds out malicious code and content, and neutralizes e-mail borne viruses.

MAILsweeper for SMTP 4.2, MIMEsweeper for Domino R5, WEBsweeper 4 and e-Sweeper 1.1 are the safeguarding apps that Baltimore took the liberty of improving to keep with the ever-evolving security market.

Improvements are listed as follows:

  • MAILsweeper for SMTP Version 4.2 -- An e-mail content security solution for Internet e-mail that now features clustering capabilities for supporting large enterprise environments and provides a single point of management. Also, to respond to customers' needs, MAILsweeper now includes enhanced file managers that allow organizations to block MP3 files, as well as files by name or file extension
  • WEBsweeper 4 -- IT managers can now set security policies to decide who has access to what. And with new bi-directional content analysis organizations can now analyze information downloaded from, as well as uploaded to, the Web
  • MIMEsweeper for Domino R5 -- Now with upgraded archiving capabilities to accommodate vast amounts of data, this MIMEsweeper also boasts expanded scalability
  • e-Sweeper v.1.1 -- Helps host and service providers protect their customers from different content security threats that now features foreign language support to weed out profanity and other malicious content. e-Sweeper has also been upgraded to help service providers better monitor incoming and outgoing content by file type and file extension to maintain steady system integrity

Why would Baltimore go for product upgrades now?

Research firm IDC said the increased integration of Web and e-mail content scanning for malicious code detection will cause the market will grow to $952 million by 2003.

To wit, Chris Christiansen, vice president Internet Infrastructure and Security Software, IDC Research, said customer demand for up-to-date Web security products to safeguard intellectual property is at a premium.

"Baltimore Technologies offers very sophisticated e-mail and Web content analysis tools..." Christiansen said.

The upgraded MIMEsweeper suite is available directly from the company.