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Unplugged Games Lands Sprint WordTrader Deal

Unplugged Games, a wireless games outfit founded by some early players in the Alley Internet scene, today announced a deal to distribute its WordTrader! product to Sprint PCS wireless customers.

The Sprint PCS deal comes just weeks after Unplugged Games announced a similar transaction to offer its games to Verizon Wireless users.

Unplugged Games, which was founded last June by Silicon Alley veteran Eric Goldberg, said the Sprint PCS deal clears the way for wireless Web users to have access to the networked games on its flagship WordTrader! product.

Word Trader! players receive five words from a list of categories and trade with other players to get a full set of five words in a single category. The winner is the one who uses the most skill to win six categories out of eight. The companies say more games would be added to the Sprint PCS Wireless Web in the near future.

Unplugged Games builds technology to deploy wireless applications to devices. The company's investors include Alacrity Ventures, a California venture capital firm which specializes in wireless and game investments; Windcrest Partners and Hudson Ventures, two New York venture capital companies; and the principals of Oak Hill Advisors.

Individual investors include Brian Horey, co-founder of the New York New Media Association and a partner in the venture capital firm Lawrence, Smith and Horey; David Horowitz, founding President of MTV; and Jeff Pulver, publisher of the Pulver Report and founder of the VON conferences.