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Gartner, NetRatings Vs. Jupiter Media Metrix?

Gartner Group Inc. on Tuesday announced it has struck a strategic alliance to provide its clients with online audience measurement services from Nielsen/NetRatings, positioning the Stamford, Conn.-based research firm in direct competition with industry leader Jupiter Media Metrix.

Gartner officials explained the alliance was fueled by their clients' needs of greater uniformity in measuring site traffic and audience demographic information for their analyses.

"There is a need for standardization," said Carol Wallace, Gartner spokeswoman. "We do believe [Nielsen/NetRatings] is emerging as the common currency in Net reporting."

Wallace admitted that Gartner considered all participants in the audience measurement category, including Media Metrix and PC Data of Reston, Va. But ties with Media Metrix would have been difficult given their relations with Gartner's competitor, Jupiter Communications. Wallace said the company chose Nielsen/NetRatings after studying the different methodologies and global reach. Gartner never considered the option of internalizing the data collection.

"We made a very conscious decision that we wanted to purchase this data from someone else," Wallace said.

Based on the agreement, Gartner's analysts will leverage Nielsen/NetRatings' data from an existing base of 22 countries to better inform clients of market trends and analysis to help them make informed business decisions. Nielsen/NetRatings data delivers information on Web site traffic, session length, page views, user demographics, and home and office user trends.

"Nielsen/NetRatings' Internet data combined with Gartner analysis will deliver global, timely research to clients who are using the Internet to drive business success," said Michael D. Fleisher, chief executive officer of Gartner. "This type of measurement data is critical for high-quality market research. This alliance is the most efficient way to leverage the strengths of both companies and enables Gartner analysts to continue to focus on strategic analysis of the data."

"Gartner's reach spans the entire information technology industry, and will now include the addition of Internet user information to help companies strategically plan their marketing programs," said Dave Toth, president and CEO of NetRatings.

Jupiter officials could not be reached for comment.