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Sigma Systems, Ericsson Team Up for Expansion

[Milan] Sigma Systems, a leading provider of embedded and engineering solutions, has signed a new framework agreement with Ericsson to promote growth in the European telecom and wireless sectors.

The agreement, according to a Sigma announcement, represents a continuation of the close cooperation in development and delivery of numerous consulting services to Ericssons various companies during the year.

"Sigma is growing strongly in the telecom and wireless segments in Sweden and Europe," said Thomas Pantzar, head of the companys Embedded Solutions business unit. "Accordingly, the agreement with Ericsson is important for our continued development and growth in these areas."

The new framework agreement with Ericsson covers support systems, internal systems, management services and development of software and electronics.

Many companies in the Sigma Group deliver consulting services to Ericsson, particularly subsidiaries within Embedded Solutions, a business area on which Sigma is building the new, focused company Teleca AB. Once established, Pantzar will take the role of Executive Vice President of the new company.

The goal of Sigma, according to a company spokesperson, is to become one of Europes leading consulting firms within development of advanced software for electronic products and production systems.

"The renewed contract with Ericsson is highly important for our continued development. Within Embedded Solutions we currently have operations in nine European countries and intend to accelerate our expansion in the large markets," Pantzar said.

"The goal is to grow within the framework for Teleca AB from todays approximately 1,200 employees to about 3,000 employees in three years. Growth that will be achieved with sustained profitability and quality."

The Sigma Group is expected to have three independent companies listed on European net economy exchanges by this summer.