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California Streaming Movie Site Seeks Presence in Israel

JERUSALEM - MovieFlix, a Hollywood-based broadband movie provider on the Web with 250,000 members, said it is seeking partnerships with Israeli companies in an attempt to expand to Israel.

"MovieFlix is seeking to extend its broadband streaming media reach into Israel," said spokeswoman Jenny Acton.

The company, whose chief executive and co-founder Opher Mizrahi is from Israel, said it reached its 250,000th member faster than any other competing site or service.

The company offers more than 2,000 broadband movie titles free to users who register and provide basic demographic information. The library consists of Hollywood classics, independent films, short films and television shows in 28 popular categories.

"We are extremely pleased with rapid member growth as well as our expansion of the MovieFlix movie library and the growing number of syndication partners," Mizrahi said in a statement. "Hitting the 1/4 millionth-registered member mark is significant because it confirms our status as a major broadband movie provider. But this is just the start. We will continue to aggressively acquire new members, more movie titles and additional syndication partners."

New titles include: "Little Shop of Horrors," "Bruce Lee in New Guinea," and "The Man With The Golden Arm."

MovieFlix.com was founded in 1998. Strategic alliances include AOL, NBCi, Real Networks, Yahoo, RoadRunner, Rogers Communications, BigStar.com, iSyndicate, Screaming Media, iFilm, Yack.com and Covad.