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Microsoft Enhances Outlook for Net Devices

At the Demo 2001 Conference, Microsoft today introduced the beta launch of the Microsoft Outlook Mobile Manager. This desktop application, in conjunction with the Microsoft Mobile Information 2001 Server, allows users of Microsoft Exchange to filter and prioritize e-mail from Outlook.

The Mobile Manager can function as a standalone desktop application and forward notifications from an Exchange server to any e-mail address and display them on Net devices. When used in conjunction with the Mobile Information 2001 Server, users can enable advanced message formatting options, secure message forwarding, and access to information on corporate intranets.

The core technology, developed by Microsoft Research (MSR), uses numerous adaptive processes such as context sensing, automated learning and reasoning, natural language processing, and customizable priority profiles, to enable Microsoft Manager to adapt to user context requirements and filter which information should reach the user immediately.

The system automatically constructs personalized message filters based on user-input about their Outlook communications and determines notification urgency and can send alerts to text-enabled mobile phones and other Net devices. The program dynamically tailors the messaging output of the system to various user contexts, such as home, work, out-of-office, and do-not-disturb.

MSR also introduced an associated product called Intellishrink, a text-compression system that uses natural language processing technology to compress messages by up to 30 percent of their original size. This is accomplished by removing unnecessary items such as spaces, punctuation and vowels when doing so does not compromise message clarity.

System requirements for Mobile Manger include Win 98 SE, Win ME, Win NT Workstation 4.0 Service Pack 3, or Win 2000 Professional. Also required is Outlook 97 or later as the primary personal information manager (PIM), connected to Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 or Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. Mobile Manager will integrate with Microsoft's upcoming release of Office XP. Mobile Manager is available today as a free download from http://www.microsoft.com/outlook/mobile.