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Baltimore Technologies Stands Up to Kournikova

For one Seattle area company today's Anna Kournikova e-mail virus is definitely keeping them busy.

"We're experiencing the most calls regarding a virus threat since the I Love You virus hit last May," says Ken Sokol, senior product manager of Baltimore Technologies' Bellevue-based Content Security Group.

Seattle.internet.com has learned that the company is advising IT security managers and its MIMEsweeper content security customers, that the new Anna Kournikova e-mail-borne virus can be blocked with its MIMEsweeper eSecurity Software: MAILsweeper for Internet e-mail and WEBsweeper 4.0 for Web-based e-mail.

According to Baltimore Technologies' Product Marketing Manager Brian Hansford, companies need to be proactive in protecting themselves from threats such as today's AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs.

"Firewalls and anti-virus solutions are not enough by themselves, and anti-virus (AV) solutions are only as effective as their last update. If organizations don't keep their AV pattern files updated, they are at risk," says Hansford.

Hansford believes that a content security solution like MIMEsweeper can complement AV and firewalls by allowing organizations to proactively and rapidly identify and protect against threats such as the AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs worm. MIMEsweeper can block this worm by detecting its filename or extension and content of the script itself.

The company's product also can protect against threats that can come in from web-based e-mail services like Hotmail or Yahoo.

"Web based mail services may not be as vigilant as needed in keeping their AV updated. This allows threats to come into the "backdoor" and proliferate, potentially wreaking havoc and costing a company tens of thousands of dollars, and even millions of dollars for larger companies," says Hansford.